No-Care Summer Hair

When it comes to summer hair, Curl Up and Dye owner Jennifer Willemsen says, “basic is best.” We asked her what Detroit girls should do to to maintain and protect their summertime tresses and were answered with a no-frills recipe for all-natural, beach-y locks.

For lo-fi day looks, she recommends a simple regimen of a hot oil treatment, shampoo, conditioner, and raw virgin coconut oil. The hot oil treatment is to soften curls of all textures and the coconut oil is to moisturize and naturally shield your hair from the humidity.

For those, like most D-Town girls, who never go far without a blow-dryer and flat iron, Willemsen prescribes the above regimen plus some select MOP C-Straight products: Straightening Cream for thick hair, Shaping Serum for creating lush body, Smoothing Shine Lotion for unforgiving humidity, and Glisten High Shine Pomade for definition.

But, if you’re less than DIY, Willemsen and her Curl Up and Dye girls will do the above for you. Just don’t expect to walk out of her shop looking “gelled and weaved” (even if you are), after all, basic is best.

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