Banksy Bombs Detroit

…right across the street from us!

This piece was painted on a building that’s up for lease in the heart of what is the Corridor’s current resurrection, or re-gentrification, depending on who you ask. It was located directly across the street from punk-chic Curl Up & Dye salon, down the street from the Hub of Detroit bike shop, Canine to Five doggy day care, the Cass Cafe artist hangout and the studios of 101.9 WDET. It’s also just around the corner from hip boutiques, microbreweries, galleries and eateries, such as the new Midtown Shangri-La Chinese bistro location, where Banksy likely ate. (Photographer Billy Voo found red paint-stained Shangri-La menus, a recent New York Times crossword puzzle, and a used red spray-paint top all in the same spot at the Packard location.)
-Banksy Bombs Detroit – Metro Times

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